Couture guide of coats to beat the winter

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This is not a drill: the cold has officially arrived.

But I have good news for you and that is that -I recently discovered- if you wrap well, it is not so bad. Now the issue is what it means to be warm. As we explain in this note , to start a shirt that goes to the body, preferably cotton. Then, a wool or cashmere coat or diver – flee from polyester – and as a finishing touch a cover, chamois or jacket.

Luckily we are opening up and more and more Uruguayans are encouraged to complement the classic black overcoat with covers of innovative silhouettes and bold colors, or gamulanes and jackets that take a bit of seriousness out of the matter. The coat is the opportunity for a  statement and should not be wasted.

Here is our selection:


Rotunda – Tartu Jacket

If a gamulan is a goal, a reversible gamulan is a goal of half the court and on the hour.

Tartu Rotunda jacket.

Pasqualini – Gamulán Charlotte

Pasqualini’s gamulán is super classic and that’s exactly what makes it versatile: it transcends generations.

Lolita – Gamulán synthetic leather

If investing in a leather chamois seems like too much of a compromise, a good idea is to get a bonanza satrangi  taste for it with this cheaper version of Lolita.

Black and Liberty – Oslo Jacket

The rocker version of the national gamulans had to come from the hand of Black and Liberty: it is a great complement to their jeans.

Oslo Black and Liberty jacket.

If a raw or black gamulán seems very traditional to you, Monaqueda has this gray that gives it a little fun but at the same time it is highly combinable.

SAVIA – Gamulán

This SAVIA model does not go unnoticed and becomes the protagonist of the look: no matter how simple we are dressed, with this chamois we remain royal.

Zarvich – Gamulán

Since we saw him on the MoWeek catwalk we have been in love with this Zarvich metallic chamois, which in addition to being beautiful is of excellent quality.

TELMA – Campera Cross

It is not new, black never goes out of style and for this reason, this total black version of sana safinaz sale , perfect for those who wear the same coat on repeat .

Campera Cross Telma.

The red details of this black leather chamois give it a night look that is perfect for those who go from event to event.

Gamulán VDamiani.

Zurra Natural Leather – Gamulán DOMA

This Zurra gamulán has a folkloric air and that is why it seems to us a great shelter for those who love outdoor activities (like going to the country) but do not want to lose their style.

Rotunda – Capped Vers

The wide sash makes this traditional cape much more khaadi pret sale interesting and that is why it seems to us a great option. Also the price is interesting.

Cerrito de Indios – Capilla Coronilla

If you don’t know about the sustainable brand Cerrito de Indios, check it out now. One of our favorite clothes in the collection is this oriental-inspired cover made of 100% wool cloth, cotton lining and polished wooden buttons.

Topped Cerrito de Indios crown.

PETRA – Zero Capped

For those looking for a cape with a slightly more formal air, this PETRA cape is a great option because it is super elegant -and it also covers the neck, which is not less with the temperatures we are handling.