Understand why Colocation has been growing during the COVID-19 crisis

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Ensuring that the IT infrastructure is about to defy the sudden growth in remote access has been a major challenge because the start of the pandemic.
The reality is that organizations weren’t prepared to encourage 100% digital transactions for a very long period of time.
And so, business continuity and stabilization has abruptly become everyone’s priority.
As well as the model of space work is already showing signs that it is here to stay, even in the post-crisis. In a report released in April of the year, 74% of CFOs interviewed by Gartner said they intend to transfer part of their employees to the permanently remote model.
In this scenario, what has to be done to ensure the stability of the Data Centers, which are so demanded at the face of increased traffic on the networks and the quantity of information?
The migration of neighborhood structures into the Cheap Colocation Uk model has been consolidated as a fashion, especially when speaking about network connectivity.
Understand why.
The role of Information centers
” Covid-19’s experience has altered the way we operate and will have long-term consequences for the way we work and handle in the future.”
Mark Smith ,

Cheap Colocation UK
As the pandemic changes how we do business, IT and Operations executives will also be rethinking the pace of electronic transformation in their companies, considering the role that innovative technologies would be able to play in the future of industry.
The simple fact is that the quarantine has put stress on legacy systems and processes beyond its highest potential, exposing inefficiencies and high reliance on manual processing. Likewise, the demand for IT capacity continues to grow exponentially.
This condition makes Data Centers vital tools for the access to corporate programs and, mainly, for the maintenance of connectivity. This proportionally requires more standardized and industrialized strategies to the construction of these structures.
In the midst of the avalanche, Colocation stands out as one of the most efficient alternatives – both emotionally and structurally – for organizations to stay linked and evolve safely.
Systems stability in Colocation

As a premise, providers specializing in Server Colocation Uk services such as OData is based on the neutrality of this operator ( carrier neutrality ). And on ultraconectivity, to support international access to corporate systems and data.

Along with the significance of this attribute grows as firms increase their dependence on access to info. And in cloud technologies, to ensure continuity of operations.
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The migration to Colocation can guarantee the ideal tools for the resilience of the Data Center at the surface of remote work. In fact, access to some critical system that, in other situations, couldn’t be reached virtually.
Colocation: redundancy, resilience and high availability

Virtual offenses, natural disasters or man-made episodes – none of these threats are ceased in the face of a worldwide pandemic. On the contrary.
In particular, given the loosening of the condition of social isolation and the permanence of this work force in the totally remote model.
To make sure the operational efficiency of this organization, it is necessary to invest in a replicated infrastructure – physical or virtualized. This is because, with redundancy, if a router (for instance ) fails, a replacement immediately goes into operation, ensuring continuity of operations.

As a result, the instability often becomes imperceptible to the consumer.

As traffic spikes continue to be observed, the best uk colocation providers still use alternative power sources to ensure the access to their servers.
For this reason, data centers will need to make use of the most modern equipment and energy management.
The Data Centers OData offer among the cheapest PUE (Power Use Effectiveness, or efficient utilization of electricity ) marketplace. It depends on best working practices, modern equipment and advanced design methods to eat as little energy as you can. Therefore, it reduces prices for the customer and the effect on Earth.
The power plant comprises a committed high-voltage transmission line of 88kV / 138kV, with dual electricity and its redundant 20MVA substation. Hence, they produce better quality energy.
The site features state-of-the-art generators, high-capacity, redundant static UPSs.
In addition, there are big storage diesel tanks, which provide uninterrupted and separate power from the electricity grid. The goal, above all, would be to make sure that mission-critical systems never stop.
Finally, it utilizes solar energy for lighting the office space.

Exhibition of professionals in the maintenance of Data Centers
Another vital point to be considered in the catastrophe of this new coronavirus is the exposure of professionals to the risk of contagion. Since Data Centers are raised to the status of essential services, keeping structures requires continuous care.
Therefore it burdens owners of on-premise data centers that maintain the existence of groups on site. This expense occurs both concerning cost / hour and labor risks ).
Businesses must make sure there are proven strategies to minimize exposure of service personnel.
The Uptime Institute has even developed a guide to assist operators of mission-critical structures react to the effect of the disease. Thushe gave tips to help prepare future epidemics, refining approaches and processes.

Colocation: safeguarding your workers
And also to address this matter, Colocation, once again, stands out as the most acceptable solution.
That is because, when making the transition from the on-premise Data Center to Colocation infrastructures, the company has technical support solutions. And the top: virtualized. Among them, remote & smart hands, which considerably minimize the chance of contagion.
A team of experts is preserved on site (24x7x365) to deal with any demand for server maintenance, virtualization or expansion. Additionally, it is also available to solve any critical equipment problem.
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Around the world, organizations are looking for cost-effective ways to ensure remote collaboration of their work. This is a vital principle to overcome the constraints of the Covid-19 crisis.
Therefore, ensuring availability, security and cost efficiency are one of the principal concerns of organizations. Keeping up the well-being of personnel must come first, together with the stability of this operation right after.
It’s never been more important to work together, even from a distance, to keep people safe.

Thus, by modernizing their information centers, businesses can accelerate their electronic transformation journeys while preparing for the future.
Do you want to understand more about the way Colocation will help your business advance the digital transformation journey during and after the catastrophe?