What is a web hosting?

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A web hosting is a service that allows you to store all of the contents of a website on a server on the network, so they can be visited through the internet by any user.

What must be taken into consideration when choosing a web hosting?
There are a few determining factors when choosing the best web hosting for your own project. It is advisable to analyze them thoroughly because they can make significant differences in the outcomes you’re going to achieve.
Disk space: disk space is the data storage capacity offered by a hosting service. It is typical for hosting providers to be contracted with more space than necessary, because we compare the space quotas of a hosting program with the storage area that we use in different regions. On the other hand, the space we need to get a site is not like what we desire, as an example, to store music or movies. The content of an optimized website must also be optimized; If you have questions about how much space you’ll need, then we’ll be happy to help you pick the perfect plan for you.
CPU and RAM: These will be the power resources that your hosting plan is going to have. The more funds, the more powerful the”motor” that moves your websites will be. But remember that the loading speed of a site not only is based on the available resources, but also on its state of optimization.

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Stability: equilibrium is your guarantee your website will remain online, without drops or service interruptions. The factor that most affects stability is that the amount of commitment of the provider to quality of service. Responsible and professional direction of the servers will make the service reliable. At Webempresa we do not oversell and all our servers have a broad margin of tools to have any unexpected activity without difficulties. We also reestablish all servers every 2 years to minimize the risk of hardware failure.

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Security: in an environment where tens of thousands of attacks and hacking attempts are established every day, security is essential for your peace of mind and for the stability of your site. In Webempresa we have security systems which we update every day to keep your sites safe, and we offer you CiberProtector (password manager and secure VPN connection) to safeguard your online actions.
Backup copies: it’s important that you get a fantastic backup policy for your websites, but it is also important that your hosting provider provides you a backup system you may use if you require it. Our hosting plans offer you automatic backups which don’t occupy space in your hosting program and are dispersed in various servers for increased safety.
24 × 7 technical support: among the celebrity requirements of any web hosting service is the individual team that will accompany you along the way, to assist you. You will require a professional staff, qualified to provide you powerful and quick solutions, which speaks your language and can be always offered. Our support in Spanish provides you whatever you’ll need, at any time, 365 days a year.
Control panel: the control panel is the tool that you will use to manage your hosting. It’s necessary that the control panel provides you a fantastic user experience and all the necessary features to get the maximum out of your accommodation. At Webempresa we use cPanel and unite it with tools created by our development group.
Benefits of Working with a net hosting
If you’ve ever wondered whether you could have an online website with a hosting service, the answer is yes. But it isn’t recommended.

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Hiring an internet hosting provides you many advantages, such as using a professional service that takes care of everything so that you only have to take care of your undertaking.
Hosting your site at a hosting gives you complete control over your contents, because you will save them in your own space, without needing to assign rights or assume special conditions for hosting them in third party spaces that could possibly be totally free. It is going to also help you have a faster, more stable and secure site, because it’s going to be hosted on an expert host tracked 24 hours a day.

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What types of web hosting are you?
There are many distinct kinds of web hosting available on the market, and you can pick one or the other based on the needs of your job.
The decision isn’t always easy, because there are many distinct names and each provider adds their names when designing their letter of services. You can find free web hosting, unmanaged hosting, managed shared hosting, VPS hosting (managed VPS and unmanaged VPS), cloudhosting hosting, optimized hosting, hosting SSD hosting, SEO hosting, dedicated hosting… Which one do you prefer?

Don’t complicate yourself! You may take a quick and secure site, and have the most effective human team that will assist you, by employing a few of the hosting plans that we offer you in Webempresa.
Whether you are going to start a new project or whether you will move a web site from a different supplier, our M, L and XL plans are a fantastic alternative. If you’re thinking of a VPS because your resource intake is large, check out our elastic hosting programs. Whatever your case, get in touch with us so that we can assist you, we’re looking forward to meeting you!
What Type of websites can you host in Webempresa
Within our Hosting you can work without difficulty with WordPress, Joomla!
Scripts like Fedena require Ruby and it isn’t supported by our servers.
We do not advocate Prestashop 1.7 in our Hosting and we do not give Prestashop service to new customers

Instead, to make an Online Store we recommend WooCommerce, you can see the plans and prices on this page.