I’m likely to have a bit of a mutter about server moves.

FFXIV world status

Primarily, I hope that by SE transferring the FFXIV NA servers out of Canadian East to somewhere else, it will not have an enormous effect in my ping. When it’s the West coast (that I presume is your most likely) then it could impact my ability to play the game. No matter how the game is designed to be played up to some 200ms ping. Currently, I ping 80-90 from the UK. I pinged a League of Legends waiter on the West shore once I heard about this and my ping went up to 142. So, hopefully, it will all be fine in the worst-case scenario.
How did I end up (like an EU participant ) within an NA server? Well. I played ffxiv data centres(SE’s earlier MMO) for several decades. I met a lot of NA players. So events have been scheduled with both EST and UK players in your mind. Anyone either side of those needed to adapt a bit. Einherjar at 09:00 PST on Sundays to get a few players turned into a reality.

FFXIV world status
When FFXIV was rereleased, lots of my former buddies from FFXI and I banded together to begin a brand new group. Again, a combined group. Now I did consider whether to start in an EU-slanted server (Chaos data centre ) but as there was no physical difference in location and many of the players at the group only speak English, we decided to form on an NA server. Since the servers were on the East coast, the UK players in the group didn’t suffer too badly.
What you might not know or remember is that ffxiv data center split servers were global. So players from around the planet were muddled together. Whilst this did cause a few problems, on the whole it had been remarkably successful. This meant you could meet players from everywhere — and I totally loved it.
So if you’ve played a game from 2004, together with buddies who in some circumstances you have known since the beginning and many who you have known for over a decade and you also see another opportunity to group up, you are not likely to need to break the group up. I’ve met quite a number of these players in real life once I visited the US or fulfilled in the UK. We have also gathered some fantastic friends on the way within ffxiv world status itself.
yes, I take I made the choice to roll on an NA server since a greater part of the band were NA and initially we had decided to go to Gilgamesh at which many of the forum bands were going. But we transferred to a different server on precisely the same datacenter because we couldn’t get everyone into Gilgamesh.
When the ping becomes a nightmare and makes the game hard to play, I then have to confront a decision I am reluctant to make.
YoshiP understands there are a vast range of reasons people play on NA servers — a lot of them social. He understands the situation better than some NA players. Many of which have not been enjoying since the start if there was no real gap in data center location. When Chaos moved, NA folks were given off free transfers. Can EU players receive free transfers off the NA one?
Here is hoping it’s a storm in a teacup and actually it makes very little difference. However, friends farther West into Europe might have a much tougher time .
FFXIV: I’m alive
Real life has been a bit crazy in the past 2-3 months and operate is really stressful so I haven’t written much about the newest spots. I tweet a fair bit and if you’re interested in keeping up with all the Free Company, my antics and game news, that’s the ideal place to follow me.
What have I been up to?
Finishing the Yokai event for my glow in the dark mount. I’ve got one weapon to get ahead of the 1st November.
Leveling my DoH/DoL classes. My gatherers went pretty fast after the launch of Stormblood, but I really do need to gear them better. Have 5/6 of the Master books ( only 1 fishing you to get). I’m currently trying to gear my crafters. My specialists are 70 (WVR, LTR & GSM) and that I have the books for them. I’m on my way to my 4th book and it will be Alchemy. If I can gear eveyrthing appropriately I can switch specialisms briefly, simply to make the new flying chair mount.
I rated up in the new beast men quests a few time but with work being busy from hours and needing to farm for Yokai, I gave up progressing this before I’m done with Yokai. So I have the very first turtle minion and that is it. mount. I need 750k and I am at 618k. I did manage to receive my Gloria mount done and finish the GARO occasion a while ago. It’s nice sailing around on the tiniest airship ever.
That I have been able to beat all the intense primals up to Shinryu and have the first phase and a few of the moment down for Shin. I’d like to beat this one, it is fun and also the weapons will be handy. I have zero doggos but I have one bird. Each time I start a farming celebration for Bismark Ex, everyone else gets a bird and that I roll pathetically. I may end up getting it the hard way. I have a few Zurvan and Thordan totems but nearly none for Sephi and Sophia.
I’ve completed all the dungeons with my squadron, after. So I want to work with it but again, it’ll wait a couple of weeks. Work should facilitate up in December so until then, it is going to be an occasional things.
Also attempted lowmanning (4 people ) Syrcus tower and Void Ark.. Took some time but was great fun. Syrcus was no problem, VA could have been quicker with two more.