Tips on How to Combine Women’s Blouses and Denim Skirts

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The history of the skirt in the female universe is not current

let alone jeans. Both carry historic luggage that has gone through years and years to reach what we have today: modern, versatile denim skirts that adapt to different occasions.

Skirts have always been synonymous with femininity and delicacy for women. They were perfect pieces for more formal and sophisticated events. These characteristics still remain, however, today, we find a huge variety of models in the jeans fabric, with cutouts, washes and innovative details.

That’s what women like! After all, who doesn’t want to feel fashionable, beautiful and well dressed, right? The “trouble”, however, begins when it comes to making combinations with the women’s blouses. Because we know that blouses count a lot when completing production. It is as if they guide the style that we will adhere to at that moment frock design.

If you spend at least 30 minutes in front of the mirror, trying on a mountain of clothes until you decide the ideal piece, this post is for you. We have prepared some basic tips that will help you make certain combinations with denim skirts and different styles of blouses.ideas gul ahmed

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Some models of denim skirts that have everything!
As we said, skirts have undergone many modifications to reach what we currently have – and will continue to change over time. The good part of this is that they tend to become more and more versatile, especially the options in jeans.

Before we talk about the combinations, just take a look at some models of denim skirts that are super hot:

– Pencil skirt
The pencil skirt is another one of those models that had a great acceptance by the female public. It has a straight cut, is fitted to the body and is usually at or slightly below the knees.

The modeling has a very beautiful trim, which delimits the curves of the body without leaving a coarse and vulgar mark. It is very subtle and is therefore suitable for use anywhere. The face you will give to your look will be due to the combination with the blouse. Let’s talk about that part now!

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Denim midi skirt

Let’s start with this one, the darling and most adored of the moment: the midi skirt! It’s amazing to see how women joined the model. Everywhere, there is a midi piece that stands out. At work, at the party, on the Sunday walk ideas gul ahmed, at the wedding of an acquaintance, at the church … Ah, in any situation! And it could not be different.

The midi skirt is characterized by its length below the knees, in the middle of the shins, which creates a very elegant effect to the look. This is great, considering that the jeans fabric is often seen as a casual material, for everyday life, that does not fit in formal situations.

Therefore, when you feel that you are too basic or too stripped for a sophisticated event, bet on the midi skirt. So you break a bit of casualness and add a touch of modernity and elegance to production.

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A-line skirt
To close with a flourish our small selection of denim skirts (among the immensity of options in the world of fashion: bell, godê, high waisted, medium, long, among others) we brought the evasê!

The evasê skirt is that little model full of delicacy. Because it is round, it leaves the look very feminine and graceful. It is ideal for more casual, light and quiet moments.

For all these models we mentioned, you can find pieces in plain jeans, with different washes, button applications, asymmetrical, in short. Play without fear in the varieties!

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How to combine jeans blouses and skirts? Tips for making no mistake!
Blouses play an essential role in the production of any look. They are one of the main factors responsible for dictating whether your look is casual, formal, modern, classic, modest, social, among other classifications.

That’s why we are often confused about how to combine the blouse and the denim skirt. Both, and the other, are striking and attitude pieces. If there is no “conversation” between them, the look is likely to go away. So, be careful!

Caution, however, does not mean restriction. It is free to bet on the details and trends of women’s blouses. After all, you want a modern and stylish look, don’t you?

Here are some tips we have prepared …

Plain blouses and t-shirts
Both options can create casual or sophisticated looks. It depends on how you use them. For example:

If you are looking for a carefree, modern and light look for everyday life, invest in a striped knit blouse or a t-shirt with an evasé skirt or pencil. A pair of running shoes or flat sandals and a cross-sectional bag also look great.

She is ready to meet her friends for an afternoon snack or stroll!

Want a good alternative to go to work? Go in a midi skirt and a plain blouse with a sober tone. The details can be on account of a beautiful necklace, a shoulder bag and a nude colored heel.

Lace, ruffle, high collar or buttons

These are some of the details that most often appear in women’s blouses. All are beautiful, but need a little attention when used. This is because they are points that attract attention in the visual.

It’s cool to balance. If you are going to use a more elaborate piece at the top, save on accessories and choose a more basic model of denim skirt, without much volume, washes, ruffles and buttons.

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All jeans
Jeans with jeans can? Yes you can! It’s all about knowing how to dress. Look that:

For a more casual look, the good idea is to combine a denim blouse with a V neckline and an evasé skirt with pockets. On the feet, a flat sandal or a comfortable sneaker and add accessories.

If the goal is a more elegant production, the tip is a denim blouse with lace collar and a dark blue denim skirt with high waist. Don’t forget the heels and the handbag!