If you follow this blog, you know the idea of the capsule wardrobe so you will surely be surprised to find it in The Happy Now!

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So why discuss it at The Happy Now? Already since it’s a subject that we discuss Elodie and I because we made our first capsule wardrobes in precisely the same time and we help each other in regards to sorting! And also because we think it perfectly reflects the doctrine of The Happy Today!
It has to be said that this has always fascinated me, it all started a couple of decades ago, when I discovered Bea Johnston, you understand this girl who manages to live with ZERO waste! I find its narrative fascinating! Basically following the catastrophe, his family had to move to a smaller home (well, let us be realistic, his little house is what I call a palace!) . And yet one thing leading to another, they decided to live with waste, which suggests going shopping with her jars, never needing packaging etc… She also spoke of her khaadi wardrobe and revealed that with little things she had been just as trendy!

His apartment was beautiful and clearly with less material, there was not any room for mess!

The principle? Eliminate most of her clothing to store only a small amount, (some say 25, others 37others 50) to keep a minimalist apparel but with clothing that work very well together and that allow you to create a lot of outfits! (I’m unsure to fix a number). The main idea is to just wear clothes that you LOVEand that when you find yourself in front of your wardrobe, you understand that you will find something cool to wear! The girls who have set up these capsule dividers alter their wardrobes all year round. However, I believe that in Paris time is not too clear in order to do exactly the same! So apart from some clothing clearly winter or summer (coats, beach dresses…), I like to maintain a frequent foundation to prevent days when it’s supposed to be summer but it’s 15bonanza satrangi

On the other hand, lean over my wardrobe at routine periods to ask the question :

do I love her madly? And then also remove the damaged clothing (I have a tendency to always need to maintain the damaged clothes, just in case…).
The blog that really motivated me and made me wish to take the dip is un-fancy, a style site about a capsule wardrobe of 37 components (like shoes), and you know what? Well Caroline the blogger in question is ultra stylish! And there I said to myself okay, let us go!
In short, it didn’t happen overnight! Let’s be clear, I don’t believe I could one day become as comprehensive a minimalist as Béa Johnston, however in any case, I would like a whole lot less in my apartment, in my life. So this weekend, after bonanza satrangi sale  ingestion, I tackled the toilet, and… I again threw a large bag of merchandise which were half-eaten, expired, or that I never used (particularly because I am switched to more natural products!) .
I really don’t understand why, but I want less, really less. Less is more is really the quote that makes me want the best now.
Then we bought our apartment and it ends up that it’s smaller than the one we had been leasing before, we needed to start sorting, especially in the kitchenwhere we decided to keep only the bare minimum. But in the flat there is still too much since we keep places with brothel and we cannot get rid of it!
In this video, we will go over the concept of the capsule wardrobe, what is it? And how can this function? And in a next video, we will find out exactly what it attracted us! We’ll then concentrate on Elodie’s brand new capsule wardrobe post pregnancy!
But in which I find it hardest to become minimalist is the khaadi summer sale dressing area, I love fashion and yet it has been a few months now that I find myself quite well dressed! So I chose to take inspiration from the capsule wardrobe trend to completely rethink my wardrobe!
Capsule apparel; What is that? The happy now
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Really, while this station will be speaking a lot about parenting, we all believe that being a woman and not just a mom is important. The goal is to feel good now (not when we have more time or when the children are older, and even if the capsule wardrobe theory saves time, for us the most important issue is that it helps us. Makes us feel brighter, and that’s very important also!)