Key pieces in women’s wardrobeSome pieces are essential in the female wardrobe, know our tips to assemble a perfect wardrobe!


How to form the ideal wardrobe? What are the pieces that cannot be missing?

The best closet is not measured by the quantity of pieces, but by the quality and the variability of looks that they provide. In addition, it should reflect your style! See what are the fundamental pieces in the female wardrobe !

Meet the capsule cabinet
There is a concept that has been changing the way of consumption of many people around the world and showing the fundamental pieces that women should have in their wardrobes.

It revolves around a compact cabinet, which values ??the quality of the pieces and the various possibilities of use between them.

The capsule cabinet appeared in the 1970s, with Susie Faux. The challenge she proposed was to assemble a limited number of versatile parts that could be used throughout that season.

Stylists and consultants in the area encourage a wardrobe with 30 pieces and claim that it is possible to maintain style with these choices. You don’t have to take the idea literally, but you can reflect on the philosophy it carries: less is more.

Key pieces in the emale wardrobe: woman choosing models behind a clothes rack.

Key pieces in women’s wardrobe
Creating a checklist
What to put and what to take from the macaw? Remember that it is important to invest in the quality of the pieces, or else you will have to buy new clothes every season. Continue reading and make your checklist with the clothes that cannot be missing in your wardrobe!

Basic black
The character Holly Golightly, immortalized by Audrey Hepburn in the 1961 film Bonequinha de Luxo, showed that it is bonanza satrangi possible to maintain elegance by wearing a simple and striking black dress.

Always have at your disposal a little black dress, which can be used in formal or informal events, and which can be renewed with accessories and overlays.nishat linen

Key pieces in the female wardrobe: model wearing a basic black dress.

A quality coat, light to wear, easy to carry in the bag and which allows several combinations. It is not an impossible dream! The cardigan is one of the darlings of fashionistas for its versatility. You also can’t fail to have yours! See our Female Cardigan post and find out why at Donna Modelli we are so in love with him!

Key pieces in the female wardrobe: model wearing a gray cardigan.
The blazer was once synonymous with formality in the workplace. It is still widely used in the khaadi corporate look, but its use has been reinvented. Therefore, it is a great choice of look for job interview or even for a night out with friends.

The clothes that accompany the blazer will dictate the seriousness or not of the look. See the various combinations of looks with women’s blazer that you can do with this key piece!

Key pieces in the female wardrobe: model with a white blazer and skirt.

The basic t-shirt is a fundamental piece that cannot be missing in the female wardrobe. She moves well in various looks and spaces. It can be white, black or your favorite band and cartoon. It goes well with the blazer, skirts, cardigan and jeans, the next item on that list!

Key pieces in the female wardrobe: model with a t-shirt and jacket on top
Finding the perfect jeans can take time. It needs to match your style, be comfortable, with the cut you are looking for and affordable for your pocket. Do not waste time trying to get into those pants that do not satisfy you and tighten them in unwanted places!

Key pieces in the female wardrobe: model wearing t-shirt and jeans.

The same skirt is capable of being romantic, sophisticated and stripped, depending on the pieces that are used in the combination. Therefore, it is an important piece within the incredible wardrobe that we are assembling.

Get to know some looks with a skirt for the winter and don’t abandon this outfit full of femininity on cold days!

Key pieces in the female wardrobe: woman with a black tank top and beige skirt
The jackets are timeless. Leather or jeans versions are present in all fashion cycles. So there is no need to think twice: the jacket is part of the set of clothes that every woman should have.

Key pieces in the female wardrobe: woman with a black tank top and beige skirt.

Black pants
Black pants are essential in the female wardrobe because she is wild. It can be used during the day and also at night. It can be more formal or casual, according to the complement of the look, such as a crepe blouse or a t-shirt, for example. Leggings, pantaloons or straight-cut pants are great options.

Now that you know what are the pieces that can not be missing in your closet, play with the combinations and let your style flow!