rang rasiya

Until recently, the long dress was related to more sophisticated occasions and more complex and often nightly looks.

However, this is due to the widespread use of short and medium dresses in festive and glamorous moments. But, to the delight of fashionistas, the fashion world decided to invest in fabrics, prints and bold models in making long dresses.

long dress: key piece of summer 2020

The result of this innovation is comfortable, unique and wearable looks for practically every type of occasion.

For this reason, we at TENDENZA have separated some suggestions for you to stay inside and rock this key piece of summer 2020.

Long Dress: black and white (B&W)
The most classic combination in the fashion world could not be left out of this SUMMER 2019 collection. Much less the incredible long dresses. In this pattern lives a world of possibilities. Talking to the multifunctional routine of modern women.

black and white long dress

Long Dress: tropical and floral print

If it were possible to choose a single trend for summer 2019, it would certainly be tropical and floral prints . Because of the weather of the season and the mood of the people at that time. So, this incredible pattern appears full of khaadi online style and fluidity in our long dresses.

Long Dress

Long Dress: party fashion

The oldest and most traditional use of the long dress was also contemplated in our collection. Then, the line in black, the production of party mariab  fashion tied by more detailed cuts and equally more complex applications.

Long Dress

And then did you like our long dress options for SUMMER 2019? We have created a collection full of trends, but with a main focus on you!

After all, you shopkeeper and customer need beautiful, comfortable, practical clothing that fits in your pocket.