And for those who love this trick, they will like the news even more.

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Look at the 1990s trend there people.

From time to time, fashion goes on between decades, seeking inspiration. And in the 90s, the Overlap was a real blow, there was no one who didn’t use it. At the time, two characters used this trend appropriately, Rachel from Friends and our dear Cher, the protagonist of As Patricinhas de Beverly Hills. Remember?

And for fall and winter, this tip is super valuable for those who enjoy taking advantage of what they already have in their wardrobes. Well, we can use summer clothes, for example, and make a mix at the time of overlapping with warm coats and blouses.

And here’s a tip: If you are thinking of betting on overlays, the black + white cambo is always a great choice.

Plain blouses look great with everything, a white T-shirt, for example, can be worn under a dress. That way, we can form a casual chic production.

You know that white t-shirt, black tank top, or that plain knit top, sometimes with a high collar. There is no need to buy everything new, the cool thing about this trend is to give an UP to what we already have in the wardrobe.

It is important to note that color combinations make all the difference. Analogous colors are closer and guarantee elegance, such as black and gray. The complementary ones create contrast, leaving the look more modern, like red and orange, for example.

The trends are there to be used and tested, how about betting on this one? Getting out of the basics and experimenting with new styles always makes a difference when composing a production.khaadi sale

How to create beautiful and super-stylish looks with “Tees”, which is an indispensable part of women’s wardrobes

The good old T-shirt gained a high place in the women’s wardrobe.

There is no way this piece dominated the fashion world in the four quarters of the Earth.
Joker piece and indispensable in creating modern and casual looks, the T-shirts are with everything.
In all trends, be it winter or summer, they are there. They appear revamped, but remain firm in their level, “I am basic, but not so much”.
We can make countless variations of combinations here with this darling. In 2018 the trend of T-shirts is with the logo of famous brands, such as: Gucci, khaadi pret sale, Chanel, among others.

How to use?

The piece is very versatile and there is no restriction or age regarding its use. Tees go from basic to fashion in the blink of an eye. It can be used in all styles, plus rock,
fashionista, stripped, classic. That way, anything goes to get comfortable and bet on this piece!
And to help you better understand what this fever is, we have separated many models and how to use our darlings, check out our gallery below.