An iconic accessory throughout the ages, chokers bring us visions of Disney princesses and the casual chic of 90’s grunge.

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These days, we’re seeing countless styles, by the extravagant floral stone of Oscar de la Renta into the fearless ancient pendants of Fenty x Puma by Rihanna. Whether changing a simple outfit or adding an elegant detail, this accessory does it all.
Things To Wear With A Dark Choker
Feel like a queen at an extravagant diamond choker. These vibrant bits could be dressed up or down, but we particularly like its sophisticated richness using a crisp black blazer and stilettos.

A timeless female symbol, recently the choker necklace is visiting a critical resurrection.

Among the signature styles of 2016, this important moment in vogue can’t be overlooked. We are going to show you how you can play up this versatile accessory to express yourself and join the team of fashion royalty.
Dark and White: For a classy and contemporary look, put on a slender black choker with a creamy ivory blouse or easy white tee.
Black Shoelace Choker: Wrapped around two or three times with a small bow, then pair the casual black shoelace choker with a stone-washed jean coat, Vans and a plaid
Large metallic cuff chokers are high-fashion warrior posh. For a night out, couple this bold designer dresses pakistani accessory using a black strapless dress and sleek ponytail.
Dark Velvet Choker: Black velvet turns your party dress to a holiday treat, and looks particularly lavish with jewel tones such as emerald or ruby.
If you’re a fan of fabrics and fabrics, put your own DIY spin on this trend by cutting an old silk scarf lengthwise, or re-fashioning a bandana.
Featured photo: Olive green brings military chic to streetwear, polished off with a matching watch and sharp white sneakers. A simple black choker is paired with a delicate silver chain, complemented by the open neck of this soft black blouse. Via Kristin Sundberg.
Layering lots of mixed-media pieces is so stylish at the moment. Choose pieces with shells, beads and stone to compliment the relaxed sensuality and low neckline of a nude or earth-toned slide dress.khaadi sale
Chokers provide new life to old paintings from your jewelry box. Layer with different lengths of play or bracelets by attaching different pendants and charms.

The scarf-style choker, such as we have observed in Dior’s collection, is super simple to DIY.

You can use these thick or thin– with endings concealed in the trunk, knotted and dangling in front, or in a flirty oversized bow. A lightweight scarf choker looks refreshing with a breezy sundress and wedges. Play this up cool contrast of soft and hard by adding a black leather jacket.
Re-purpose a bandana by linking it around your neck with a cute asymmetrical knot. So bad it’s good, this look is particularly cool with a leather coat, distressed skinny jeans and studded biker boots.
A leather belt-style choker is an ultra-modern twist on the utility trend. To streamline this style, take it into the workplace using a classic button-up shirt, cigarette pants and pumps.
Choker Outfit Suggestions
Doing The Choker Trend The Right Way In 2016 — Outfits & IdeasVIEW PHOTOS
A classic black choker is a excellent place to start, and can easily turn into your new everyday staple. Instantly transform a plain black choker into a high-fashion statement by adding your pendant. Below are a few of our favorites.
A faux fur choker adds a dose of luxury to cozy fall and winter fashions. Put on a fur choker using a high-necked trench coat, leggings and ballet flats.
Embrace the raw crystal and gem trend. Many styles of chokers incorporate crystals, or slip on your own teardrop shaped stone pendant.
No matter your own personal style, a choker is sure to complement your

ideas gul ahmed coveted wardrobe. They key is to locate the right proportions. During the colder seasons, a thick choker can function as an extension of your scarf or high-collared coat or, wear it over a turtleneck.
Chokers enhance your natural beauty by accentuating the structure of your jaw, cheeks and collar bones. Experiment with various widths to discover the styles to best match your features.

Move from workplace to cocktail hour by putting more mixed-media pieces on your simple black choker.

Should I Wear A Choker?
Whether your agenda includes a museum gallery show or packing a picnic dinner to the park, we all hope our ideas will inspire you to incorporate the choker trend in your look. Let us know, what is the most creative manner that you put on a choker? What are your favorite designer choker styles from the runway?