5 Tips for wearing thick heels correctly

The thick heel has already become a real wildcard when composing the look

The thick heel is gaining more space on the feet of women, because by choosing a thicker or blocked heel as it is being used, the woman gains more comfort and stability and that is all we want. Feel good and comfortable when wearing a beautiful heel.

This type of heel leaves the composition of the look much more casual and stripped, as the romanticism of the fine people is thick, they stand aside for a production with much more attitude. But it also depends on the model to be chosen.

Because it is a very versatile and modern model, we have separated some tips on how to correctly use the heel according to each physical biotype.

1. For wide hips

Thick loosening is indeed allowed in these cases, but it is recommended to pay attention to some points that will help in choosing the perfect model. Choose a model that matches your skin tone or resembles it,

2. For tall and elongated legs

Here the conversation changes a little, for the joy and sadness of some, tall women can use and abuse the high heels. Especially if combined with long skirts, long dresses or skirts with a more fluid style khaadi sale.

3. For skinny girls

If you are skinny you should pay attention when choosing the model, it is not feasible to choose a very thick shoe or a very exaggerated sock, or with a lot of volume in the front.

Because they will appear to be extremely heavy for you. In this case, choose more delicate models with finer details.

4. For thick legs

For this type of body it is necessary to be very careful with thick heels, as they frock design tend to make your leg even thicker. So opt for compositions with skirts or long dresses or pants.

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5. For short girls

For the short ones the best thing is to try to avoid the thick and very high loose, since it can end up flattening the silhouette. The ideal is not to wear shoes that cover the ankle, as they end up stealing a few centimeters from your body,