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personalized customer service

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Mass production and consumption in several sectors has made personalization even more important. Today, the shopping experience is one of the pillars of retail trade that, in order to guarantee a competitive advantage, uses customized strategies that promote customer identification with the brand.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not necessary to increase production costs to offer personalized products and services. There are several actions and tools that help to connect promotions, campaigns and relevant content for each consumer profile.

The clothing clothing should spare no effort to deliver a customer personalized service, that close relationship and makes for a great shopping experience. Check out tips to delight consumers using customization khaadi sale !

Use relevant data and information

Registering personal, behavioral and consumer information is the first step in ensuring personalized service. Based on the data, it is possible to identify customers’ needs and desires, favoring the construction of customized strategies to reach them.

A survey by Accenture Strategy , carried out in 33 countries in 2018, showed that 44% of respondents prefer to buy products from brands that offer a personalized experience, even if they have to give up part of their privacy.

The results of this study make clear the importance of avoiding generic or exaggerated actions. Using relevant information about customers as a purchase history to offer complementary products, for example, is a great way to guarantee differentiated service, in addition to being a rich source of insights for campaigns and promotions.

personalized customer service

For this, it is recommended to use software and tools that assist in the management and analysis of interactions with customers, such as CRM (Customer Relationship Management), increasing the assertiveness of actions based on previously defined objectives.

Enjoy dates and contexts
Commemorative dates are widely used to attract and engage the public through brand actions. However, many times, what was thought to improve the consumer’s shopping experience is a generic and replicable action, which fails to reach and, more than that, wears out consumers, who are waiting for a communication directed to them.

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The tip is to bet on personalized customer service that goes beyond congratulations. Create content, campaigns, offers and promotions focused on the different profiles of your target audience, making actions even more customized.

affective fashion – understand the concept!

Economy and affective fashion: concepts that impact the market personalized khaadi summer sale customer service

Taking advantage of the context to deliver something unexpected to the customer is also a way to delight him. Comments about a great beach fashion show that will happen, for example, can be good value content – sent by email or promoted on social networks – for consumers interested in the beachwear niche .

Most digital strategies allow personalization, such as email marketing, social media promotion and paid ads on Google or Facebook. Choose the one that most talks to the profiles of your target audience!

personalized customer service
Personalized customer service includes everything from approach and relationship to after-sales services, which demonstrate the company’s efforts to satisfy consumers in order to make them brand promoters.

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