Mullet skirt: fashion tips and inspirations

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Every woman loves a trendy skirt, doesn’t she?

For the Christian woman, then, this piece is indispensable! In addition to being super versatile, it brings comfort and elegance to the feminine look , with a touch of femininity that only she has. To further conquer our hearts, she is found in different breathtaking versions, which combine with all styles of women, from the most traditional to the most modern.

Speaking of which, we have a novelty: the mullet skirt ! Have you heard? You know what it is? This trend is everywhere and we couldn’t stop talking about it! So, how about getting a little out of the straight skirt (which, by the way, we love!) And give a little variation in the look betting on a current piece? It is very important to stay on top of trends and dress well.

For those who love skirt and love news, this piece is perfect! nishat linen Get to know the mullet skirt better and see some models to get inspired!

What is mullet skirt?

You must be curious to know how this trend is, then, without further ado or complications: the mullet skirt is that beautiful model with short skirt in the front and long in the back . You know? You probably have already seen it.

Mullet Skirt is named after the style in vogue in the 80s, when haircuts and short garments in the front and long in the back prevailed. This skirt follows the same principle of length, that’s why it is so named. She is nothing more than one of the variations of asymmetrical skirt .

There are options of very different sizes, but our preference is in the most elegant, modern and well finished models. With it, it is possible to create delicate and discreet compositions even the most elaborate and sophisticated. And you know what is better? It goes well with all body types, including plus size!

See some models of mullet skirt and learn to use this trend!

The mullet skirt is one of the most beloved asymmetrical skirts in fashion and is in effect in several different styles. With this trend, it is possible to bet on charm and delicacy without sinning in length, as it presents a variation between long and short. Thus, it is the perfect piece for your casual or formal look .

With modeling, you can go to church, to a family party or lunch, as it has several models and styles to match your event. Look, just some really cool options for this versatile piece:

Mullet skirt with ruffle

This mullet model is just incredible! What ruffles are timeless, we know that, don’t we? Now they are on the rise in skirts and it is no wonder: such details provide charm and elegance to the production.

Whether large or small, ruffles highly value the silhouette . This is because there is a balance between the volume of the bar with the shape of the body. So he wears like a glove on the female body!

Being a variation of the trumpet skirt , the ruffled mullet skirt is tight to the knee, khaadi sale which is where the ruffles start and is loose with details. The mullet skirt with ruffles in the midi length is the darling of the moment among bloggers and the famous!

This model presents sophistication and fits very well in formal looks , due to the refined mood, but, depending on the fabric, it can also be used in a day-to-day look.

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Denim mullet skirt
That woman doesn’t love a denim skirt, does she? They are part of the routine of the Christian woman , because they make us beautiful at the same time that they convey respect for ideals and make it possible to live our principles calmly. Therefore, they are very present in our closets!
The mullet denim skirt is an option for those tidier days when you don’t want to dispense with the unpretentious side of denim or, simply, for when you want to get out of the traditional straight jeans.

The best thing about the denim skirt is that you can wear it with all kinds of shoes. Whether it’s a modern and comfortable shoe or a heel to transform the look, the production will always be impeccable. Still in combination, you can choose to wear it with a plain t-shirt or a printed blouse. And why not jeans with jeans? You choose!