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pastel tones learn to use

Pastel tones, also known as candy colors, are light and soft colors. Precisely for this reason, they are very versatile and allow the creation of looks from sweet and romantic, to the most modern and cool. It all depends on the production!

Do you want to know how to add this trend that came back to your everyday looks? Check out our tips and learn how to create different compositions!

Meet the pastel colors that are on the rise!
Pastels have been present on the main fashion catwalks sinceĀ  and have already won the hearts of fashionistas. The trend gained strength mainly due to the lightness of colors, versatility and the ease of combining with different pieces.bonanza satrangi

But, although there is a wide variety of shades, there are five colors that were chosen by Pantone as highlights of the moment. Are they:

serenity blue: also known as blue hydrangea, it is featured in dresses, especially at parties. To match, bet on other shades of blue, yellow and pink;
yellow primrose: darling in the production of accessories and shoes, matches well with orange, red, coral and blue;
mint: found in the most diverse pieces of clothing and can be easily combined with white and blue serinity;
lilac pink lavander: sweet and feminine, the color is a trend in modern pieces and rang rasiya combines with other shades of lilac, white and pink;
rose quartz: another darling of fashion, found in different clothes, shoes, accessories and bags. White, pink and blue ornament very well!
Tips for joining the trend

it is impossible to deny that pastel tones give an advantage to those who have a romantic style!

So our tip, to take the look of sameness, is to bet on pieces with lace and floral print. Female and current!

It may not seem like it, but these shades go very well with our beloved jeans. Try a combination of jeans, blazer and scarpin, a production that works very well with events in the morning and even at night.

In order to escape the delicacy of the pastel tone, how about combining with more bonanza satrangi daring pieces, such as leather pants or jacket, high boots, sneakers, mini lengths, or even with sober colored clothes? Modern and stylish!

But where these shades really show their versatility is in the work environment. Just use them in tailoring pieces, to guarantee the formality that this environment requires.