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The stores are getting ready to receive the first pieces of winter 2020 and here on Donna Modelli’s blog you stay on top of all fashion trends! Want to know which prints will be on the rise in winter 2020? We will tell you!

How about staying on top of the fall winter 2020 trends ? And who dictates such trends, after all? We answered this and other questions in a special article on trends that will draw attention in seasons with lower temperatures!

Plaid is one of the most traditional prints of winter.

The British are experts in this pattern. The Tartan style and the Prince of Wales are great examples that were shown on the catwalks and that are on the streets in coats, skirts, dresses, pants and suits.

The preppy style, inspired by the uniform of the United States preparatory schools, is also one of the darlings of the season.

Prints for winter 2020: model wearing a plaid shirt with a blouse underneath.
Argyle can be considered a type of chess, but it deserves a special quote. The pattern rang rasiya , which also has its origins in British lands, is characterized by repetitions of lozenges superimposed on intersecting lines.

Traditionally, argyle is found in pullovers and sweaters, but it can also be seen in cardigans and pants.

Do you want to understand the difference between pullover, sweater, cardigan and other types of coat? We prepared a post just about them! Find out more on women’s jackets for Autumn Winter 2020 !

Patchwork is a technique that unites several types of fabric in one piece. It is a type of famous manual labor from the time of our mothers and grandmothers. However, in the winter of 2020, it appears in the form of an entire print that mimics different fabrics.

Animal print
It seems that prints that pay homage to animal skins are not going out of style anytime soon. Every season has its darling! Jaguars, cows, alligators and tigers will be present from head to toe, that is, from a head accessory (berets, hats, scarves, barrettes) to shoes. Zebra and snake skin prints will be more popular.

The question you may be asking yourself is: which leopard print matches which colors ?

See our post on the subject and let your imagination run wild!

Prints for winter 2020: model wearing a leopard coat with a black blouse underneath.
Retro floral
Flowers are the flagship of spring fashion, but who says they can’t be in winter looks?

For the cold season, the trend is that the pattern background is dark and that the floral has a retro style, inspired by the past decades, and even a touch of embroidery.

Prints for winter 2020: model wearing a set with retro floral print.
The prints in the watercolor style will be on the rise in winter 2020, after all, nishat linen online fashion also finds inspiration in art.

Pieces that seem to have been painted by hand with soft brush strokes that let the colors meet smoothly have been seen in several fashion shows.

The watercolor print can also be found in another trend of the season: the floral! The trend can also be called artsy.

Tie Dye

Tie dye is a technique for dyeing fabrics with dyes. The target piece of the tie dye is tied and dyed. In fact, this is the translation for the English expression.

In winter 2020 fashion, the colors are less psychedelic than the famous pieces from the 70s. The technique allows the creation of a unique print on each blouse or coat in which it is applied. Even with a little courage and imagination, tie dye can be done at home.

There is tie dye on Donna Modelli’s blog, check out more information!

Prints for winter 2020: model wearing a blue tie dye print blouse with beige pants.
The paisley print came directly from the hippies’ 70s inspirations to the catwalks and stores.

They are present in blouses, long skirts and smocks. To complete the retro look, wear a paisley blouse with a mom jeans, a midi skirt or a boot!