The product expires and has to leave the store for logistical reasons

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The goods are shortly before the end of the best-before date

The goods are selling poorly (shopkeepers)

In all cases you can save. Make it a habit to keep an eye on these reduced items.

17) Compare food prices relatively

It is now a legal obligation in the supermarket to show the price in comparable units for rang rasiyaconsumers relative to each other. This is the only way to really compare prices. Pay close attention to these comparable prices in “per KG” or “per liter”. There are astonishing price differences between the products due to the deceptive packaging of the manufacturers.

When specifying the price of food, the legislator prescribes a uniform price calculation based on a basic unit such as 1 kg or 1 liter. In addition to the respective list prices for the articles and products themselves, the supermarket or the retailer must therefore calculate and show this relative price.

Often, the feeling for the price is deliberately influenced by the size or shape of the packaging by the manufacturers. In addition, product A has 125g and product B has 200g content. It makes little sense to compare the absolute prices because product B contains more. As for the price, you only refer to the relative value. This way you can really compare and save two different manufacturers or a mariab product from two different providers by optimally choosing the cheapest product from the cheapest provider.

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 Bargain guarantee

Bargains are often found in rummaging tables that rarely have a specific place. Where there is space in the shop, sometimes directly in front of the cash register or somewhere in a corner that is not often visited, there are cheap offers of expired goods. It seems that the shops do not want to sell these goods, because even if the goods have expired, the seller is liable and has to exchange the food in the event of a complaint. If a consumer buys five expired yoghurts at a special price and finds at home that they are inedible, the seller must exchange the yoghurts for new goods. Prerequisite is that you go back the same day and have your shopping list with you as proof. The situation is different for separately declared goods if it has been pointed out

Recommended retail price

Often you see advertisements with the phrase “manufacturer’s recommended retail price” (sometimes also as an MSRP – which, incidentally, is not a general abbreviation and could therefore mean anything without an explanation with an asterisk and a horizontal footnote) and you wonder why this price of that required deviates so much.

For strategic reasons, this price recommendation is always spent by the manufacturers much higher than the retailers can actually take for it. This manufacturer’s trick is always factored in to deceive you and persuade you to buy. So never compare the prices relatively, but always absolutely.

Here caution is definitely advised, because although there are clear legal khaadi online regulations, some retailers do not observe these regulations and this comparison of prices is very misleading and has no relevance to reality.