Linux VPS or Windows VPS: that is the best option?


Now we must know whether the VPS Linux or VPS Windows: what is the best choice?
Linux VPS

The Linux VPS is based on the open source Linux operating system and its own distributions.

As it is an Open Source initiative, it is quite popular with the developer community and there’s a huge number of resources, updates and assistance from the community.

Based on the Windows operating system, in the giant Microsoft, it is a very powerful choice. It’s in usability and ease of adaptation its greatest benefits, because it does not require advanced technical knowledge to perform its own configuration.


One of the main Benefits of the Linux VPS is the cost. Because it is developed in open source, it does not rely on software licensing, which ends up making the solution cheaper because it does not involve permit costs. The VPS UK includes a paid license from Microsoft and you have to pay to use it.
Another benefit of VPS Linux is that the fantastic compatibility of the operating system with several languages. In general, VPS Linux is indicated for software developed in PHP, Perl, Ruby, Python or MySQL. VPS Windows has improved performance in specific applications for Windows, such as, MySQL, C #, VB, MS Development Access and other Microsoft products.

Concerning ease of usage, VPS Linux demands your staff to possess technical understanding of this operating system and command line interfaces.
The graphic user interface (GUI) of this Windows VPS along with the remote desktop create the usability and management of resources easier, eliminating any kind of knowledge in programming or commands in terminal to be operated.
On Linux, since it’s an open source operating system, upgrades are produced by the neighborhood and also have reliability and quality. The VPS UK also receives constant updates from Microsoft.

The Linux VPS is historically less targeted by hackers compared to the Windows version. One of the security steps that help clarify the reason for the security of the Linux VPS is the restriction of editing access and safety to administrators through the Secure Shell of accessibility (SSH).
The Linux VPS has a broad and lively community of enthusiasts and programmers that are continuously releasing equilibrium improvements, new features and periodic upgrades. The Windows VPS is completely supported by Microsoft and its group of specialists.

Linux VPS is compatible with cPanel, the popular web hosting control panel in the world, allowing you to handle VPS server, database, emails and use FTP for file transfers.
The VPS UK does not offer compatibility with cPanel. The user needs to opt for paid control panel choices, like the Azure cloud storage service or the Plesk hosting panel.
If you’ve come this way you can already consider a VPS professional and you’re more than prepared to seek the services of a server for your projects.