How to set up an online clothing store and earn money without investment


Here I am not only going to explain how to create an online clothing store but I am also going to tell you what you have to do to be successful.

How to set up the store, how to start advertising it on the internet, get hundreds of influencers to advertise your brand, where to get the clothes and everything with little investment…

What will you find here?

1 Define the concept of your store

2 How to set up your online store

3 How to advertise without risking your capital

3.1 Advertising with influencers

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3.2 Appear in digital magazines

4 How to get the clothes

4.1 No investment

4.2 Create your own brand

4.3 Buying clothes in China

4.4 Finding clothing suppliers in Pakistan

4.5 Create your own clothes

5 How to define the price of your clothes

6 How much does it cost to set up an online store?

6.1 Self- employment expenses

6.2 Maintenance of your online store

6.3 Total and alternative to do everything much cheaper

7 Start without money

8 How to get money to set up an online store

9 Tell us about your online clothing store

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Define the concept of your store

The first thing you have to do is define the concept of your online clothing store.

You can create your own brand, sell only personalized t-shirts, create a drop shipping business, have your own warehouse with gender, set up a children’s clothing store, there are 1,000 possibilities!

And you don’t have to pick just one, you can try several at once and then focus on what works best.

You can start by selling t-shirts on platforms that take care of everything and then create your own products yourself…

How to set up your online store

Now we are going to the most important thing, setting up your store.

I already did an article on how to set up an online store and in this article and for this type of stores in particular, I still think the same, the best platform for this is Shopify.

With this platform, your store will never be left hanging due to not knowing how to program it correctly or because there is an overload of users, since they also have their own servers.

Your default store layouts are focused and optimized for selling, so users can shop quickly and easily in just a few clicks.

You just have to customize the templates they already have created, upload your products and you will have your store working!

Its cost, from $ 29 per month, but you also have to bear in mind that you save on hiring hosting and domain.

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Try Shopify FREE for 14 days

Another great advantage of Shopify is that you also have the option to integrate it with Instagram to be able to sell your products by tagging them in your publications.

How to advertise without risking your capital

And here is the part that I like the most, the most important, the easiest to do, the most effective and that many brands still do not do or do not know how to do.

Advertise with influencers

You can get hundreds of influencers to advertise your clothes without investing a single euro, using affiliate marketing.

First of all, I need you to do a mind wash if you think that influencers are kids who do not deserve to be paid hundreds or thousands of euros for posting a simple photo on Instagram. They can be your best tool to earn money and make your brand succeed.

But how are they going to want to advertise my brand if you say that I won’t need to risk my money?

Simple, affiliate marketing. In my case, it is with the type of advertising that I earn the most money with my blogs.

With affiliate marketing, you can set a commission to pay influencers for each sale they make to you

As simple as making a selection of influencers, sending them the clothes you want to advertise for free and proposing them a good commission for each sale they make, either through personalized links that record their sales or with personalized discount codes.

Be fair, do not try to keep their commissions or pay them only a part, keep in mind that if you do this, it is easy for them to discover that you are cheating, they just have to tell a friend to buy something and there they will see if you have not given your commission. Your brand and your credibility are going to shit and for good reason…

Think that the more they sell, the more they will advertise to you and the more money you will both earn.

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The custom discount codes is very easy to create, you can do it for example with any store that you set up in Shopify.

But if what you want is to find hundreds of influencers who want to advertise your clothes automatically, the best thing is to sign up with an influencer marketing platform where you put your proposal and anyone who is registered can join your campaign. It doesn’t matter if you have 100 or 100,000 followers, you will only pay for each sale they make to you.

Influencer marketing platforms

Appear in digital magazines

And not only do you have influencer marketing platforms , you also have other affiliate systems so that any website that wants to name you can earn money for each sale they make to you.

How to set up an effective membership system

How to get the clothes

There are platforms on the internet where you can create your own designs, set the price and they themselves take care of processing the orders.

No investment

You don’t even need to buy a stock of products because they make the garment themselves only when someone orders it through the links they provide.

Usually this is only with t-shirts and other easily customizable items such as hats or other accessories.

Some examples:



The downside of using these platforms is that you will not be able to create a good affiliate system to advertise and have others talk about your brand.

But you also have other types of companies with which you can have a greater profit margin and personalization of your products and even make the garments have your own label.