3 good reasons to choose Elastic web hosting from The Email Shop

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We announced at the beginning of April the launch of our new Elastic web hosting offers  with very high system resources, in order to meet the needs of websites that are hungry in system resources.

But what will you gain concretely by choosing the new Elastic range?

# 1. You benefit from the performance of a VPS server in a shared environment

Thanks to the new Elastic web hosting offers , take advantage of very high system resources (CPU, RAM, etc.) and unlimited monthly traffic, while being in a shared environment, and taking advantage of a high availability Cloud infrastructure . In addition, outsourcing is included.

# 2. You avoid the hassle of the VPS server

Who says VPS, says additional licenses and skills in system administration. By choosing the new Elastic offers which, remember, are a new approach to shared hosting, you avoid the costly costs that the acquisition of additional licenses can generate. On the other hand, you do not need to have skills related to system administration, our teams already take care of everything.

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# 3. You get LiteSpeed ​​and its cache plugins

Forget the slowness of your website thanks to LiteSpeed ​​and its powerful cache plugins: LiteSpeed ​​Cache (for WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop and Drupal) and LiteMage (for Magento). The advantage of these plugins is that they communicate directly with the LiteSpeed ​​web server installed on the hosting servers.

ADK Media has designed new high-performance shared web hosting offers, which have all the characteristics of a virtual private server (VPS), to meet the needs of websites that require a lot of system resources (CPU, RAM and Disk I / O) and high traffic news or e-commerce websites.

Elastic, an alternative to VPS

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Often, shared web hosting customers find themselves faced with websites that demand more and more resources over time as their traffic increases. It therefore becomes imperative to migrate to a VPS server.

Today there is a better solution: Elastic web hosting . A new approach to shared web hosting, which offers performance equal to that of a VPS server, while avoiding the expensive costs of acquiring additional licenses and without the need for skills related to system administration .

Elastic Site vs VPS: which solution to choose?

Use Elastic shared hosting if you want to take advantage of more system resources, without adding the burden of system administration or managing additional plugins and licenses. Elastic shared hosting allows you to stay in a shared environment.

On the other hand, if in addition to a great need for system resources, you want to install applications in a non-standard environment (node.js, Java), extensive modifications of the Apache server, use nginx …, a VPS server remains the best option.

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ADK Media offer

ADK Media offers you two plans with very high system resources, unlimited monthly traffic as well as a free domain name and SSL certificate. Forget the slowness of your website thanks to LiteSpeed ​​and its cache plugins: LiteSpeed ​​Cache for WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop and Drupal; LiteMage for Magento.